Iowa Byway Bale Trail

2019 Historic Hills Scenic Byway Bale Trail

Take part in a 100 mile art installation! This summer, please join us in participating in the first ever Historic Hills Scenic Byway Bale Trail, as we construct fun art sculptures with hay, straw and corn stalk bales.  Businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to collaborate with farmers who own property along the byway to create a unique art structure of their choosing.

The primary portion of the art structure must be comprised of bales, but may incorporate non-bale items as accents.  Any size and shape of hay, straw or corn stalk bales may be used. Bales may be wrapped or unwrapped; round or square. Paint your art piece with animal friendly paints so the hay or corn stalks can be fed at a later time.  Miniature bale art structures will be encouraged in the communities that the Historic Hills Scenic Byway runs through, to bring continuity to the project and the byway.

COMING SOON – Bale Trail Map 2019

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Creation of the art structure will begin as early as June 15, with primary construction time beginning 1 July.  Bale art will be completed by July 15, and on display until November 1, 2019. Your art will be viewed by RAGBRAI riders, County Fair patrons and fall festival travelers!

The Bale Trail is a collaborative effort of the Historic Hills Scenic Byway Council and the FFA and VocAg groups from Van Buren High School, Davis County High School and Moravia High School.   

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