Pathfinders hosts FREE solar energy fairs


Four solar energy fairs will be held on Saturdays in August and September:

  • Fairfield, August 20th
  • Creston, August 27th
  • Perry, September 10th
  • Tipton, September 17th

Fairs are designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for farmers, business owners, and homeowners considering solar PV for electricity production at their farm, home, or business. Pre-registration is free and encouraged. More information is available HERE.

Fair attendees will learn about solar technology, the local and regional solar industry, and how to finance a solar energy project.

Funded by the Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program REAP logo(REAP CEP). Resource Enhancement and Protection Program (REAP): Invest in Iowa, our outdoors, our heritage, our people. REAP is supported by the state of Iowa, providing funding to public and private partners for natural and cultural resources projects, including water quality, wildlife habitat, soil conservation, parks, trails, historic preservation and more.