Historic Hills Scenic Byway Coordinator Position

Pathfinders RC&D is looking to hire a Historic Hills Byway Coordinator. This is a part-time position focused on developing and leading the Historic Hills Byway Program. The Historic Hills is a designated historic byway that runs in the South Central part of Iowa. The Coordinator will assist in the development and implementation of fundraising strategies for the road’s intrinsic qualities, meet and develop stakeholder groups and conduct project activities along the Byway. This job is part-time, approximately 20 hrs/week depending on project requirements.

Major Duties include:
• Assist in developing and conducting a strategic plan for the Byway including fundraising initiatives.
• Build relationships with a wide variety of project partners to get the appropriate resources for the Byway including building connections with community leaders, consumers, businesses, and educators.
• Conduct projects identified through the strategic plan, and with staff and partners.
• Raise public awareness of the Byway and its historical and cultural relevance by directly promoting it through the media, at community events, developing a semi-annual newsletter, updating websites, social media marketing and other promotional venues.
• Develop the Byway as an educational resource, especially for school-age students and their teachers.
• Identify and apply for grant and private funds to support the Byway program working directly with the Grant Coordinator.
• Assist in recruiting and holding effective stakeholder meetings.
• Participate in the development of a Corridor Management Plan for the Byway
• Attend from time-to-time the Pathfinders RC&D monthly board of directors meetings, as specified by the Executive Director.
• Maintain project files with complete documentation.
• Monitor the project budget and make reports as required.
• Works collaboratively with the Executive Director and other staff to develop grant proposals, strategic plans and timelines for incoming and new projects.
• Supports events and activities that create meaningful connections between members of the community and the mission and vision of Pathfinders.
• Engages regularly with the Pathfinders community both online and through in-person events
• Recruits, trains, and supervises volunteers for events; acts as staff liaison to local support groups and select committees
• Provides leadership and support for community outreach and partnership development with projects and proposals.
• Assists in content development for Pathfinders media outreach and publications
• Assists with administrative tasks as required (i.e. database maintenance)
• Perform duties as determined by the Executive Director as necessary.

 Prefer a four year degree from an accredited university or college in non-profit management, community planning, public administration, marketing, public relations, or related fields
 Prefer two years work experience in a related field
 Good communication and writing skills, and the ability to inspire people
 Strongly prefer grant writing experience
 Prior strategic planning and marketing (written and social) experience
 Ability to work in teams or groups to get projects done
 Ability to listen and solve problems at the community level
 Must be strongly self-motivated and able to manage work time efficiently
 Good with details and well organized
 Preferred fundraising experience, membership programming and/or experience developing sponsorships
 Possess a valid driver’s license and the ability to attend evening and weekend meetings
 Able to understand and support technology, such as social media and website
 Competent Word processing, Excel and Adobe skills

This position reports to the Executive Director.

Salary and Benefits: This is an hourly position that starts between $19-21/hr. Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to company policy or by use of company vehicle. At any time both parties may terminate this contract with a 30-day written notice. An employee review will be conducted at the end of the first six-months and one year of employment.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Pathfinders RC&D does not discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, or political beliefs in carrying duties associated with the position.

To apply:  please send a cover letter and resume to info@pathfindersrcd.org.