Lower Skunk River Watershed Project Funded For Three Additional Years

As of July 1, the Lower Skunk River Water Quality & Soil Health Initiative Project has received funding to continue its efforts in water quality and soil health for an additional three years, which will expand the project by approximately 204,000 acres and increase the farm-able acreage to almost 70%.

The Lower Skunk River Water Quality and Soil Health Initiative supports the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and the Iowa Water Quality Initiative by working with producers in the project area to implement conservation practices.

The project area has been expanded to include Des Moines county, and this expansion will provide over $6 million in funding opportunities for conservation practices such as cover crops and bioreactors in Southeast Iowa.

This project plays a major role in educating and providing financial resources to everyone within the watershed to protect the soil and sustain the environment.

For more information on the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Water Quality Initiative, and the Lower Skunk River Water Quality & Soil Health Initiative, please visit www.cleanwateriowa.org or contact Miranda Haes, PC at miranda.haes@ia.nacdnet.net.

To see the full press release, click here: 2020 LSR Continuation & Expansion PR