Pathfinders’ RC&D Executive Director Receives Fellowship, Creates Opportunity for New Leadership

Anna Bruen Pathfinders’ Outgoing Executive Director

Pathfinders Resource Conservation and Development’s (RC&D) Executive Director, Anna Bruen, has been selected as a member of the 36th cohort of Bosch Fellows. As a fellow, Bruen will spend 11 months living and working in Germany, which creates an opportunity for a new Executive Director to lead Pathfinders RC&D. Bruen’s fellowship begins July 1st and applications for Executive Director are now being accepted.

“I am sad to be leaving, but excited to be going,” says Bruen. “I’ve spent over 5 years working at Pathfinders’ and the best part of the job is the great people and meaningful projects I get to work with. I am proud of what we have accomplished including working with local talent to increase regional marketing initiatives, funding new outdoor trails, receiving national recognition for reclaiming abandoned coal mines, facilitating strategic conversations about water quality, mental health, housing, and youth activities, and building an organizational endowment. I look forward to helping on-board our new Executive Director to continue and grow Pathfinders’ 40 year legacy.”


About the Fellowship Program

The aim of the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program is to familiarize accomplished Americans under the age of 40 with knowledge of Europe, and especially Germany, from a personal and above all professional experience. It is a distinguished transatlantic initiative that selects 15 people from around the United States and provides a comprehensive intercultural professional program that consists of three main parts – 1) individual professional assignments, 2) professional seminars, and 3) German language training. Participants select a transatlantic topic that becomes the focus of their stay. It influences their professional assignments and determines the theme of their year-long research project. Bruen will be focusing on climate change planning in urban and rural settings with an eye to the perceived urban/rural divide and how plans differ between the two contexts.  “I hope what I learn and experience will benefit Southeast Iowa in the future,” comments Bruen.

To apply for Pathfinders’ Executive Director position visit: or contact