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Pathfinders RC&D Revolving Loan Fund

How Can We Help YOU?

Through our Revolving Loan Fund, Pathfinders RC&D offers  a loan to creative, local business owners to build our community vibrancy and to enrich local economies. We are passionate about grass-roots entrepreneurship and what to put our money where our mouth is – literally.

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Are you a small business owner in a natural resource or value added agriculture enterprise?  Are you providing services to low-income, under-employed or elderly community members? Or are you a new or expanding small commercial or retail business?  If you are any of the above and are needing help to get started or grow…READ THIS!

Pathfinders RC&D is always looking to help our communities, core and non-core, and offering a Revolving Loan Fund is just ONE of the many ways we are doing that! Pathfinders is looking for creative business owners that will help with creation, retention and expansion of local, small businesses.  If this sounds like YOU…email us at info@pathfindersrcd,org for more information.  

Learn more about the way we support the community through this program.

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