South Skunk Coordinator Vacancy Announcement

Position Title:  Project Coordinator, Mahaska County
(Full-time, grant funded position through September 30, 2020)

Location: Oskaloosa, Iowa

Contact:   Mahaska Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD)
                     2503 Todd Street
                     Oskaloosa, IA  52577
                     Phone: (641) 673-3476 ext. 3     Fax: (855) 223-1298

Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week (no overtime).    

Opens: April 12, 2019    Closes: April 22, 2019

Method of application: Submit Cover Letter and Resume to the Mahaska SWCD by 4:30 p.m. on April 22, 2019.

Send cover letter and resume by email to  and or mail to the contact information above.

Job Description: Lead activities focused on planning and development of actionable approaches that will inform, prioritize and coordinate implementation of conservation practices in the headwaters of Cedar Creek and South Skunk River priority watershed areas within Mahaska County. Work effectively with partners and area producers/landowners to identify opportunities, funding sources and feasibility for installation of Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS) practices in a targeted and cost-effective manner. Efforts will focus on positioning planning efforts within the project area for efficient transition to practice implementation phase at the conclusion of the grant term.

The successful candidate should: Have knowledge of principles, practices, terminology, and techniques of agricultural science related to nutrient management, water quality, and soil conservation. Have knowledge of state, federal, and local environmental laws and regulations. Demonstrate knowledge of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Have the ability to generate computer reports and educational materials. Possess skill in interpersonal relationships i.e., motivation, written and verbal communications with producers and partners to meet their needs in a courteous and cooperative manner. Display high standards of ethical conduct. Commit to quality of service. Display a high level of initiative and commitment. Work with minimal supervision. Demonstrate responsible behavior and attention to detail. Follow policy and cooperate with supervisors. Market, organize, and conduct public outreach programs to inform watershed landowners and producers of available funding to address their resource management concerns.

Required Education: A degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in an agricultural or environmental science field. However, a two-year degree and/or two years of equivalent experience will also be considered. Coursework in marketing, public relations, and agricultural or environmental science would be beneficial.   

Wage: Commensurate with experience.

Job Qualifications:  Applicant should be a detail oriented individual with the ability to work independently and prioritize work schedule. Applicant needs good communication skills, both verbally and in writing. Job will occasionally require walking through rough terrain and/or inclement weather conditions along with carrying equipment. Knowledge of Arc GIS software, engineering equipment, and agricultural practices beneficial.  Need to possess a valid driver’s license. Successful candidate will need to undergo a Federal background investigation and fingerprint check.