The Southern Iowa Development and Conservation Authority Marks 20 Year Anniversary

For twenty years, Southern Iowa Development and Conservation Authority (SIDCA) has developed and coordinated projects that reduce soil erosion threatening Southern Iowa’s potable water supply and rural roads and bridges. Since 2002, SIDCA has funded over 110 structures providing improved water quality and rural transportation infrastructure.

Soil erosion in southern Iowa degrades the riparian habitat, and severely threatens the region’s water quality with sediment, phosphorus, nitrogen and bacteria in water runoff. Soil erosion also compromises the safety of rural infrastructure, such as roads and bridges. SIDCA addresses these challenges in 10 counties across southern Iowa by sharing project costs with counties. The ten counties are: Appanoose, Clarke, Davis, Decatur, Jefferson, Lucas, Monroe, Van Buren, Wapello, and Wayne. Projects include replacing old bridges with on-road structures, replacing deteriorated wood box culverts, and providing safer shoulder slopes for a greater recovery area for traffic.

Between 2002 and 2011, the Iowa Legislature allocated $2.6 million to SIDCA to install on and off road structures like an erosion structure to protect a 5’ road culvert and prevent rains from overtopping the road. Projects such as these improve transportation infrastructure as well as water quality.

Member counties and existing public programs provide the balance of funds required for the projects. Over $2.85 million has been leveraged in local and federal funds against SIDCA’s state allocation. SIDCA funds are not used for administration costs of the program. Every state dollar allocated goes directly into projects. Pathfinders Resource Conservation and Development provides administrative services for SIDCA. For more information, see here.