Historic Hills Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan

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Pathfinders worked with the Byway Council, local stakeholders, organizations, government agencies and the general public to develop a strategic plan for Historic Hills Scenic Byway.  The plan was completed in October 2016.

A Corridor Management Plan (CMP) is a road map for the future promotion, preservation, and enhancement of a scenic byway. It is a locally developed and supported document that develops a vision for the Byway and a plan of action to implement that vision.  The CMP is designed to help local communities provide interesting and engaging experiences to Byway travelers.  Use of the strategies in the plan will help Byway towns and organizations maximize the opportunities afforded scenic Byway communities.

This CMP provides answers to basic questions:

  • What are current conditions in the Corridor?
  • What is the mission of the Byway organization?
  • What is the vision for the Byway?
  • What steps are needed to achieve the vision?
  • Who can help implement the plan?

The plan is also a tool to bring stakeholders together, creating buy-in and support for Byway initiatives. It was essential to have diverse participation in the process so the plan reflects the needs of all communities. Creating a sense of ownership is one of the most important outcomes of developing a CMP.

Download CMP Documents (.pdf format)

Historic Hills Corridor Management Plan (entire document) – 68 MB

Table of Contents – 18 K

Cover to Introduction (pages 0-5) – 963 K

Route to Intrinsic Quality Introduction (pages 6-10) – 7.7 MB

Historic Quality (pages 11-29) – 9.5 MB

Natural Quality (pages 30-37) – 8.4 MB

Recreational Quality (pages 38-52) – 4.3 MB

Cultural Quality (pages 53-61) – 7.1 MB

Archaeological Quality (pages 62-70) – 4.6 MB

Scenic Quality (pages 71-74) – 1.4 MB

Intrusions to Design Standards (pages 75-86) – 1 MB

Economic Development to Implementation (pages 87-110) – 4.8 MB

Appendices (pages 111-134) – 21.5 MB