Board of Directors

Pathfinders board members volunteer their time to address important issues in their communities. Representatives from each county may include:

  • a county supervisor
  • a local soil and water district commissioner
  • a representative at-large

The Executive Director works closely with the Board to identify challenges and opportunities, establish goals and objectives, develop strategies, and implement plans.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly in August, November, February, and May. Guests from the public are welcome to attend meetings. If you need accommodation, please notify the Pathfinders RC&D office by calling 641-472-6177.


  • Dee Sandquist, Chairperson
  • Deke Wood, Vice-Chair
  • Stephen Burgmeier, Secretary/Treasurer

Davis County

  • Alan Yahnke, Board of Supervisors
  • Adam Smith, Soil and Water Conservation District
  • John Schroeder, Member at-Large

Keokuk County

  • Deke Wood, Board of Supervisors
  • Mick Berg, Member at Large

Jefferson County

  • Dee Sandquist, Board of Supervisors
  • Stephen Burgmeier, Soil and Water Conservation District

Mahaska County

  • Chuck Webb, Board of Supervisors

Van Buren County

  • Alex Richards, Board of Supervisors
  • Richard Daugherty, Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Kim Steele-Blair, Member at Large